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The company the ATK-PARTNER is one of the large stably developing companies in Ural region on sales volumes and storages of all kinds of oil products.

Our main principles: QUALITY, RELIABILITY, EFFICIENCY! WE OFFER: PETROLEUM PRODUCTS wholesale across Russia: Gasoline: Аи-92, А-76, Н-80, Р-92 Kerosene: ТС-1, РТ, КО-25 Diesel fuel: ДТз, ДТл, ДТа Bitumen road, black oil М-100, oven fuel Engine oil: М8В, М8Г2, М8Г2К, М8ДМ, М10Г2, М10Г2К, М10ДМ, МС-20П, МТ-16П Transmissionnoe oil: Нигрол, ТМ2-9, ТМ3-18, ТМ5-18, ТМ4-18, ТЭП-15, ТАП15В, ТСП-10, ТСП-15К, ТАД17В, Super-T3 Hydraulic oil: marks "And" and «Р», ВМГЗ, МГЕ-46В, МГТ, МГ-15В Industrial oil: И-12, И-20, И-40, И-50, ИГП-18, ИГП-30, ИГП-38, ИГП-72 Turbine oil: ТП-22с, ТП-30 Compressor oil: КС-19п, ХА-30, "Enekon" Transformer oil: ВГ, ГК, ТКП, Т-1500 Brake liquid: ДОТ-3, ДОТ-4 Petrochemistry: нефрас, uajt-spirit, сольвент СОЖи: МР-7, Emulsol ЭГТ Antifreeze, antifreeze: А-40м, А-65 Greasings: Литол-24, солидол, циатим 201, 203, 221 And another (see a site) Our partners: Lukoil, Sibneft, GazPromNeft, RosNeft, Novojl, Sibimotor, Teboil, Shell, BP, Total, Castrol, Oilright, Sibтэк, Sintec, Felixx, Cool Stream, etc. COMPANY MAIN OBJECTIVES ARE: • the Maximum satisfaction of requirements of clients • Professional recommendations about application of all kinds of oil products and technical support. • production Reception is direct from the manufacturer. • Flexible system of payment and variety of forms of co- operation. • System of discounts. • Possibility of the advanced order and goods reservation. • Presence of wide assortment of production in a warehouse and under the order. • the High degree of quality of production, absence of production of a doubtful origin and realization only certificated production. • Convenient transport and access roads. Strong communications with manufacturers of Ufa, Omsk, Orenburg, Perm, Volgograd, long-term experience in area of supply of corporate clients, obespechi-vajut uninterrupted operation, efficiency of deliveries and the best service conditions for our partners irrespective of, in what branch they work!

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Country: RUSSIA
City: Chelyabinsk
Address: 454000, Russia, Chelyabinsk, street Jablochkina 8-31
Phone: +7 (351) 22-33-117
Fax: +7 (351) 797-05-22
E-mail: atk.kriukov@yandex.ru
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